Disclaimer/ Information sharing

Privacy Notice

In order to identify and support families experiencing complex difficulties, Hampshire County Council departments and partner organisations in Hampshire will be sharing relevant personal information with each other. This is so we can work together in a joined up way to help each family.

The information that will be shared will be information about school attendance and exclusion, crime, anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, adults out of work, health problems and children receiving social care services. This information will be used and held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation. Information will only be used and shared on a strict need to know basis with limited partners in Hampshire, for the purpose of identifying, supporting and evaluating the families with the most need as well as for research and evaluation of the scheme.  Personal information gathered for the Troubled Families programme will be deleted when it is no longer needed for the scheme. Families identified to receive targeted support will be contacted and individuals will be asked to consent to their information being shared.

Government Evaluation and Research

In order to understand whether the Supporting  Families Programme has been effective in helping families turn their lives around and whether it is a good use of public money as well as to improve the service over time the Government will be combining personal data held by local authorities with information routinely collected by Government departments.

The Hampshire Supporting Families Programme is required as part of the evaluation of the Programme to share the personal information about individuals and families (such as names, addresses and dates of birth) who have been considered for the programme, assessed as meeting criteria for the programme and those who have participated in the programme with the Department  for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) who will link this with information routinely collected by other government departments for the purpose of this research and evaluation.

The progress of families who have taken part in the Programme will be compared with those who have not. This will provide information about how effective it has been in assisting families.

The combined information on your progress will not be shared with Hampshire County Council or used to make any decisions about you personally. It will in no way affect any services, benefits or treatment you may be entitled to. The information will only be used for research with the purpose of evaluating and improving the programme.

Prior to sharing information for Government evaluation and research a Data Sharing Agreement will be in place to ensure that:

  • The data can only be used for carrying out research and evaluation;
  • The linked information is pseudo anonymised to reduce the risk of individuals being identified;
  • It will not be possible for any person or family to be identified from any published reports;
  • The linked personal information will not be shared with or made available to the local authority or any other public agency;
  • All information is transferred, handled and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act;
  • Appropriate measures are in place to prevent unauthorised use of information;
  • The information is securely destroyed after used.

For more information please contact the Supporting Families Central Support team at troubled.families@hants.gov.uk.