Supporting Families Programme case studies

Examples of the programme working in Hampshire

Thanks to my worker for the support I have received for myself and my children. My family has learnt to enjoy life like everyone else by supporting me in believing in myself again
Family case study, Test Valley Community Services June 2017
  • Mum has long term mental health issues, self harming and attempted suicide
  • Young son low self esteem, anxiety, emotional behaviour issues and eating disorders
  • Mum has rent arrears/possession notice served
  • Son gets anxious and worries about Mum. Relationship between Mum and son suffering

Family Case Study, Test Valley Community Services June 2017 - further information

Family case study, Wessex dance Academy July 2016
  • Parent and teenage daughter at home
  • Teenage daughter has Youth Conditional Caution following admitting to an assault on another adolescent
  • Teenage daughter currently NEET
  • Poor mother/daughter relationship – child to adult domestic violence

Family Case Study, Wessex Dance Academy, July 2016 - further information

Family case study, Transform February 2016
  • Mother, Step-Father, Son (14) and Daughter (16)
  • History of violence and domestic abuse
  • Poor mental health
  • Special educational needs not being met
  • Son’s school attendance was 24.6% and his behaviour was challenging towards adults and children, including a history of violence towards teachers
  • Daughter was vulnerable and known to self-harm. Her relationship with her mother had broken down, and she lived with her maternal grandparents
  • Daughter’s school attendance was 26%. Mum struggled to implement parenting strategies as daughter lived away from the family home

Family Case Study, Transform, February 2016 - further information

Family case study, health concerns July 2015
  • Mother and partner, Mum’s son aged 10, mother and partner’s son born whilst on programme with complex disabilities
  • Mother and partner out of work
  • 10 year old overweight
  • Both parents smoke
  • Family needs rehousing due to birth of son
  • Anti Social Behaviour – conflict with neighbours
  • Mother has a history of substance misuse
  • 10 year old academically capable but behind peers due to environmental factors. Emotionally unstable
  • Both children on Child Protection plan
  • 10 year old spends most of time at home on the computer

Family Case Study, Health Concerns, July 2015 - further information

Family case study, March 2015
  • Mother has seven children and has learning difficulties
  • New partner is unemployed
  • At least two of the children failed to attend school regularly - mother at the point of prosecution
  • In the process of being stepped down from Social Care
  • Anti-social behaviour issues with the neighbours

Family Case Study, March 2015 - further information