Our team

Swanwick Lodge benefits from extensive specialist and technical support

Our staff provide daily care and supervision, learning experiences, therapy, prepare food, keep the buildings maintained and manage the administration and finances. The dynamics of daily teamwork provide the quality of experience for the young people at Swanwick Lodge.

External agencies

We have developed an extensive network of support from external agencies in the statutory, voluntary and commercial sectors, and have established relationships with schools, educational groups, health organisations and other bodies to enrich the experience for our young people.

Care, education, therapy and support

Our care, education, therapy and support teams deliver a wide variety of programmes. Our open management style promotes the dissemination of information so that all staff are regularly briefed on the latest developments. We publish all our meetings' minutes, inviting comments on developments and empowering staff to make decisions. We celebrate achievement and innovation and recognise a job well done.

Management processes

Our management processes are underpinned by robust staff selection, regular supervision, appraisals and disciplinary procedures. All our staff are subject to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS). We employ a ratio of 1:2 staff to children and all our care staff have an NVQ in child care as a minimum (or achieve one in the first two years of appointment), while teaching staff are qualified teachers or instructors who maintain their professional knowledge and skills.


Supervision is a vital part of the professional development of our staff, allowing for reflection on practice, accountability, performance management and support. All staff members have a designated supervisor who offers them four-weekly dedicated supervision. This ensures that all staff have the opportunity for further development and regular reviews may identify training needs for statutory requirements, developmental needs of the unit and any individual need of the member of staff.


Leadership is essential, particularly in periods of change, to motivate and involve staff in the decision making process, strengthen our teams and articulate our vision and values. Leadership can be found at different levels within the organisation, not just at managerial level, particularly where different disciplines may take the lead in providing support to other staff to solve a problem or manage a particularly difficult case.