Welfare accommodation

We offer local authorities welfare accommodation on a long or short term basis

As explained in Section 25 of the Children's Act 1989, young people may be placed at Swanwick Lodge for the following reasons:

  • they have a history of absconding and are likely to abscond from any other description of accommodation; and if they abscond, he/she is likely to suffer significant harm, or
  • if they are kept in any other description of accommodation they are likely to injure themselves or other persons.

Young people have full access to our staff and facilities during the length of their stay and we aim to make their transition in and out of Swanwick Lodge as seamless as possible. 

All referrals to Swanwick Lodge are made through the National Secure Welfare Commissioning Unit (NSWCU). To check our current availability and make a referral go to the Secure Children's Homes website.

If a young person is placed at Swanwick Lodge, a contract is put in place between Swanwick Lodge and the placing local authority.

Further information

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