COVID-19 Vaccine

Information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Hampshire

Our local NHS are providing regular, ongoing updates on their website about the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Hampshire.
The COVID-19 vaccine is a safe, effective way to protect ourselves from coronavirus. But it’s going to take months for the programme to roll-out and achieve the level of protection we need to resume our normal way of life. We all need to be patient in waiting our turn to receive the vaccine, and must keep following Government guidance even when we’ve been vaccinated, to make sure we don’t put ourselves or anyone else at risk.
How the vaccine is administered

The vaccine is given as an injection into your upper arm. You will receive 2 doses. You will have the 2nd dose 3 to 12 weeks after having the 1st dose.

You can find out more about the vaccine on the NHS website.

In England, you need to be registered with a GP to get your vaccine. If you do not have a GP, follow the online guidance to register.

When you will be contacted

Information about the priority groups for vaccination and who is eligible to book a vaccine can be found on the NHS website.

If you are not eligible to book a vaccine, do not contact your GP or any other health service to request a vaccine. Please be patient: it will take time to get everyone vaccinated. The NHS will let you know when it is your turn to be vaccinated.

After your vaccine: keep following ‘hands, face, space’

You might still catch or spread coronavirus after your vaccine.

After the first dose, it can take a week or two to build up some protection from the virus, and people who have had the vaccine may still transmit COVID-19.

  • Keep following the ‘hands, face, space’ guidance after your vaccine
  • Keep 2m distance from anyone not in your household or support bubble
  • Wear a face covering whenever required
  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly and thoroughly

This is very important if you are caring for or seeing someone who is clinically vulnerable.

Vaccine fraud

The COVID-19 vaccine is free of charge. The NHS will get in touch when it is your turn to receive it.

  • If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from the NHS who asks for payment or a fee - or who gives you a link to a website to take payment for the vaccine - it is a scam.
  • No-one from the NHS will knock on your door unannounced.
  • You will not receive emails inviting you to click on links. If anyone approaches you in this way, or attempts to force or coerce you into handing over funds, contact Action Fraud as soon as possible by calling 0300 123 2040 or visit

Find out more about COVID-19 fraud.