Bulky waste items

Bulky waste items

We encourage residents to consider other options available to them, including reuse of unwanted items.  

You can find information on reuse and upcycling on the Smart Living website, which includes information on how to determine whether an item might be suitable for reuse by someone else. Items that are clean, whole and dry could have a second-life and your donations can help support those in need and raise much needed funds for good causes. You can use the Smart Living reuse directory to find out more, but please contact your local organisation directly.

Many district councils offer a bulky waste collection service. Please contact your local council directly to arrange a collection for bulky waste items. Please note that a charge may be applied for this service. Contact details can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/find-local-council

Please do not leave any waste outside the gates of the recycling centres. Leaving waste at the gates or anywhere else is classed as fly tipping and is a criminal offence for which perpetrators will be prosecuted and fined up to £50,000.

Please do not place bulky waste in your ‘black bag’ waste.