Dementia Friendly toolkit

The Dementia Friendly toolkit has been designed by Hampshire County Council to help improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their carers; it aims to help our communities become more inclusive.

Given the expected increase in the numbers of people with dementia over the next twenty years, local authorities have an important role in helping to develop dementia friendly communities that will support people in their homes and neighbourhoods.

How the toolkit can help businesses and organisations

Shops, businesses and organisations have customers who already have dementia and over the coming years more customers will likely develop dementia.

This toolkit has been written to give organisations some basic information that can help them to provide appropriate services to people with dementia.

Print or download the toolkit

Introduction to toolkit - What's in the toolkit and how do the tools work together.

Guidelines for engaging people with dementia and carers - What a dementia friendly community means to people with dementia and carers. We believe that people with dementia should be fully involved in developing dementia-friendly communities.

Why do we need to be dementia friendly? - Briefing notes for businesses - About the importance for local businesses to be more dementia-friendly.

Dementia awareness raising options for staff - Briefing notes for businesses - People's attitude is the most important aspect of a dementia-friendly community. Raising awareness of dementia among staff is therefore crucial.

Help-pack for customer-facing staff - Briefing note for businesses - Helping staff to support customers with memory problems more effectively.

Checklist for dementia friendly environments - Briefing note for organisations - Many aspects of our physical environment can make life easier for people with memory problems; this checklist outlines some considerations as well as signposting to more detailed audit tools.

Thinking about a 'Memory Aware' high street scheme - Briefing note for organisations - Recommendations for the development of a 'memory aware' high street scheme that puts people with dementia in control of how they want to be supported.