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I am hurting someone

If you’re reading this, you’re probably worried about some of your behaviours and you want to take steps to change them.

We’re here to provide help for perpetrators, we can support you to become safe around your partner and children.

Is your behaviour abusive?

Have you harmed the ones you love? Whether you’ve been abusive or violent once, twice, or many times, there’s probably a pattern to the things you do.

We encourage you to reflect on your behaviours and how they have harmed others. Becoming aware of how you’re acting will help you take control of your behaviours – and ultimately, stop.

If you’re not sure if your behaviour is abusive, click here to learn more about types of abusive relationships.

Help is available

If you live in Southampton or Hampshire, the following services are provided by
The Hampton Trust - call their Advice Line on 02380 009898.

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Following a referral to Hampton Trust you will be offered an appointment to talk about your circumstances. After this assessment you will be advised of the next steps. It can include individual sessions or attendance on a group work programme called ADAPT delivered at various venues across Southampton and Hampshire. We will also contact your partner or ex-partner to ensure that they are being offered appropriate support.

Individual Support

You may have additional needs in your life that make engaging in individual or group work to reflect on your actions challenging. In this instance we offer guidance and support to access additional specialist services. We will work at your pace to support you throughout this stage to ensure you are ready for the next steps of behaviour change work.

ADAPT Introduction

This consists of two group work sessions designed to help you understand the impact of domestic abuse on yourself, your partner and your children. As an introduction to the longer-term programme the introductory workshops will help you to understand the consequences of your actions and to learn some of the tools that will be used repeatedly throughout the next stage of the programme


ADAPT sessions will assist you in reflecting on your personal circumstances and guide you to make positive long-term changes. Delivered weekly for two hours, ADAPT provides an opportunity for you to find positive ways of creating healthy and positive relationships with your partner and children.

Caring Dads

This is a 17-week programme that helps men look at their parenting and the impact abuse may be having on their child’s development. It focuses on building a positive relationship with the child’s mother alongside being a non-abusing role model for the child.

Mentoring Service

Once you have entered the service, our team of mentors is available to you out of hours to offer support when you need it. All our mentors have already completed the group work and are keen to help you get the most out of the programme.

Staying on Track

Learning new ways of behaving and not relapsing into old patterns of behaviour can sometimes be a challenge and when you complete a programme with Hampton Trust, we remain available to provide additional support. We would strongly encourage you to seek further support to ensure those around you remain safe from further harm. The mentoring service is a useful service to access for this purpose.

Partner Safety Service

When anyone engages with our services we will always ask for (ex) partner details and will make pro-active contact with them. This is to offer additional advice, support and signposting to specialist services if required.

For more help and advice

You can call the Hampton Trust's Advice Line on 02380 009898.
If you are a professional you can call the Advice Line or complete a referral form and email it to [email protected]

Respect National Helpline (perpetrator help): 0808 8024040

It takes strength and courage to be able to take responsibility for your actions and to stop blaming someone else. With the help of our dedicated services you can work towards changing for the better and to stop hurting others.

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