Foster carer and child

Current documents for foster carers

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Modular file 1 - Modular file front sheet

Modular file 2 - File structure checklist

Modular file 3 - Purpose storage and guidance

Modular file 4 - Record keeping

Modular file 5 - Confidentiality

Modular file 6 - Internet safety and the use of videos

Modular file 7 - Section page key information

Modular file 8 - Essential and statutory documentation

Modular file 9 - Key names and addresses

Modular file 10 - Safer caring strategy item

Modular file 11 -Details for overnight carer

Modular file 12 - Section page departmental administration

Modular file 13 - Delegated authority decision tool

Modular file 14 - Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

Modular file 15 - Section page recording

Modular file 16 - Placement Pocket Money

Modular file 17 - Record sheet example

Modular file 18 - Record sheet

Modular file 19 - Section page incident reports

Modular file 20 - Incident report

Modular file 21 - Section page education

Modular file 22 - Section page health

Modular file 23 - Health information

Modular file 24 - Health of children in care

Modular file 25 - Health record sheet

Modular file 26 - Medication record chart

Modular file 27 - Body map for injury recording

Modular file 28 - Section page care planning and reviews

Modular file 29 - Section page memory box

Modular file 30 - Memory boxes

Modular file 31 - Memory box contents


Behaviour Management Policy

Complaint Policy

Dental Health Care for looked after children

Foster Care Agreement

Foster Carers' Claim Form for Loss including theft or Damage

Foster Carers Adopting Children In Their Care

Foster carers' charter (Fostering Network)

HCC Whistleblowing Policy

Information required at point of placement

Smoking policy and procedure

Template for assessment of back-up carers and guidance

Record of Foster Carer Supervision form

Foster carers request for overnight stays email template

Children in Care, Overnight Stays, Organised Trips and Trips Abroad procedure

Hampshire Hive leaflet

Foster Carer Personal Development Plan

Foster carer induction booklet

Child’s file main template

A short guide to the strengths and difficulties questionnaire

Dental health care for children (See attached)

Delegated authority decision tool for children's homes

Property Insurance Claim Form (see attached)

Care Leavers Practice Manual Chapter

Foster carer agreement

Record of foster carer supervision

Over night stays request template email

Overnight Stays - Overnight Stays Policy Guide

Foster carer profile example

Foster carer profile template