Girl Talk Boy Talk

Girl Talk Boy Talk (GTBT) is a single gender sex and relationships education programme

This programme is delivered by trained facilitators over 4 to 7 weeks in a variety of settings to meet the needs of a wide range of young people.

The flexible 40 to 60 minute sessions have been delivered in schools, colleges and youth clubs to young people aged 13-18 years old. In school settings it would normally be delivered to pupils in Year 9 although can be delivered to other year groups.

It is an adaptable programme that can be extended where the learning needs of students require it or specific issues need to be addressed within a group. The group size is a maximum of 12 young people and needs to be delivered in a good sized private room.

GTBT contributes to and enhances the wider PSHE programme as part of the curriculum rather than replace classroom based lessons. Smaller group sizes with sessions over 4 to 7 weeks allow students to build relationships with each other and the facilitator. The safe environment encourages their questions and for them to make positive lifestyle choices around relationships and sexual health.

Students will:

  • increase current knowledge of emotional and physical changes through puberty, dispelling myths
  • explore what individuals value in a relationship, including where sex fits in to a relationship
  • explore the impact of alcohol/drugs on making informed choices about sex, relationships and contraception
  • understand how effective contraception use prevents conception
  • understand the risk of unprotected sex and acquiring an STI
  • increase confidence to practice a 'safer sex' using barrier methods of contraception
  • develop self-awareness and self esteem
  • identify local supporting agencies

For some schools this can be delivered free of charge. If you are interested in having this programme delivered in school or want further information email