Conceptions and misconceptions resource pack

Understanding the myths and delivering the facts about teenage pregnancy and young parenthood

About the resource pack and film

The resource pack and film has been developed by Y Services for Young People and Gosport Borough Council, supported by Hampshire County Council. The film features young parents who talk about their experiences of pregnancy and parenthood. Their honesty and openness is central to the impact of the film.

The aims of the film and pack are to:

  • challenge myths by giving a realistic insight into teenage pregnancy
  • show young people the everyday reality of being a young parent
  • increase young people's awareness of the support which is in place in their area to enable them to make informed choices

The objectives of the film and pack are to:

  • support teachers/ youth workers to establish what beliefs the young people they are working with have about teenage pregnancy and young parenthood
  • enable young people viewing the film and taking part in the activities to obtain factual information about teenage pregnancy and young parenthood
  • support young people to think about the impact that having a baby would have on their life To develop young people's understanding of choices available to them
Using the resources

The film and resource pack can be used to support personal development learning activity in secondary and further education (including PSHE/SRE) as well as through other services that engage with and provide services to young people such as youth services, community groups, and relevant health service providers.

There are 10 different activities within the resource pack which can be used to support staff in exploring some of the themes raised in the film and in helping young people to gain knowledge in these areas. The interactive section can also be used with the film and resource pack, or on its own.

Download the conceptions and misconceptions resource pack

If shown in full the film is 26 minutes long. Alternatively, individual chapters can be shown which are relevant to your session objectives. 


Please complete the relevant survey to provide feedback on the film and resource pack.

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