Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and High Risk Domestic Abuse (HRDA) meetings for domestic abuse

MARAC & HRDA meetings provide appropriate services for those involved in domestic abuse: victim, children and perpetrator

MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference)

MARACs provide a multi agency response for high risk domestic abuse victims where up to date risk information is combined with a comprehensive assessment of the victims needs. This enables appropriate services to be put in place for all those involved in the case.

High Risk Domestic Abuse (HRDA) meetings

These are daily meetings in the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) that consider the highest risk domestic abuse incidents. The HRDA meeting is chaired by a police representative and has a core attendance of:

  • Children’s Services, via MASH
  • Adult Health & Care, via MASH
  • a MASH health professional
  • a specialist domestic abuse worker

The HRDA meetings relocate work from MARAC to MASH. This ensures:

  • families affected by domestic abuse receive a faster, coordinated response
  • support and interventions are provided closer to the timing of the incident
  • a specialist domestic abuse worker ensures the voice of the victim/survivor is represented at the planning stage
  • a consistent threshold is applied to high risk domestic abuse cases

How to refer clients to MARAC and HRDA

Use 01329 316 113 to make referrals to MARAC/HRDA or to seek further advice.

The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Referral Pathway provides an overview of Hampshire’s referral process.

To refer a case to MARAC, you need to consider whether the assessed risk level meets the threshold.

  1. Complete the DASH risk indicator checklist with your client, where possible
  2. If this is not possible, either consider the MARAC referral criteria or contact the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Service Advice Line for assistance with risk assessment (03300 165 112)
  3. Complete a MARAC referral form and email it, together with the DASH assessment to In the subject line of the email state clearly if it’s a MARAC referral or HRDA referral. If it is a MARAC referral, which MARAC it is to be heard at