Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership

The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership (HDAP) works to determine the most effective ways of delivering domestic abuse services across all agencies in Hampshire

The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership is a multi-agency group responsible for supporting the Hampshire County Council geographical area in its domestic abuse response.

The Partnership is made up of various groups, including a Main Board, Business Group and six working groups.

The Partnership will work together to support, advise, and work collaboratively across Hampshire to ensure families living with domestic abuse have access to adequate and appropriate support, including support within safe accommodation services. It is also responsible for delivering the multi-agency Hampshire Domestic Abuse Strategy.

The Partnership will work to improve outcomes for victims of domestic abuse, including their children, through a strategic approach to identifying and addressing gaps in support throughout the domestic abuse system.

The Board and the Business Group are responsible for supporting Hampshire County Council in meeting its duty under Part 4 of the Domestic Abuse Act, and for monitoring the partnership approach to all other areas of the Act.

To view the Terms of Reference for any of the groups, please contact [email protected].

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership Strategy (2023-2025)

Under the Domestic Abuse Act (2021), we are required to have a domestic abuse strategy.

The four strategic priorities for the Partnership as set out in the Hampshire Strategy are:

  • Prevention: providing resources and education to prevent domestic abuse through early intervention
  • Professional Care: supporting victims and survivors
  • Pursuing: actively identifying and engaging perpetrators
  • Partnership: working together as one community to tackle domestic abuse

The Domestic Abuse Act also introduced a duty to assess the need for support in safe accommodation, prepare and publish a strategy for the provision of support, give effect to that strategy and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy. In 2021/22, we undertook the first comprehensive safe accommodation needs assessment under this duty and, due to the timescales of our previous partnership strategy, published an initial stand-alone Safe Accommodation Strategy. The new HDAP strategy (2023-25) has given us the opportunity to merge the safe accommodation priorities (which remain valid) with this wider partnership strategy and they are now incorporated under the relevant strategic priorities for continued delivery.

A copy of the strategy is available from [email protected] and will be available to access on this page in due course.

HDAP key documents

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership Strategy 2023-2025

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