Domestic Abuse Workplace Policies and Support

Domestic abuse will affect many people working for all types of organisations and businesses and is likely to impact on the workplace. It can affect the morale, health, wellbeing and self-confidence of an employee, which in turn can impact on their performance at work.

When employers demonstrate that they are aware of domestic abuse and make staff aware of the services that are available, this can help to reduce the wall of silence about domestic abuse that prevents many from seeking help.

HDAP encourages all partners and local businesses to consider and implement their own workplace policy and guidance to support their employees.
Hampshire County Council: Domestic Abuse Workplace Policy and Guidance

Supporting employees through domestic abuse For all Hampshire County Council employees, including managers, Hampshire County Council's HR intranet page hosts a wealth of information on supporting employees through domestic abuse , including the policy and guidance documents, resources and useful contacts.

Workplace policy toolkits and guidance for implementation
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