End of life

Death and dying are inevitable. Being able to live as well as possible until we die is something that we all value.

NHS England.

CQC inspect services against how are people supported at the end of their life to have a comfortable, dignified and pain-free death. Ensuring staff are confident to have end of life conversation with individuals and their families and have the values and behaviours required to support individuals at this time can help to ensure individuals and those close to them experience a good death.

Our courses help support staff to develop these crucial skills, values and behaviours and increase confidence to work in end of life care.

Palliative care in domiciliary care service

Enhance your confidence in discussing palliative care, understanding its distinction from end of life care, and facilitating Advance Care Planning conversations.

Understanding end of life

Gain end of life care awareness: Cultural perspectives, advanced care planning, recognising dying, responding to questions, providing support.

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