Leadership and management

Developing our future leaders and managers will support with recruitment, retention and being able to develop their own staff so they can achieve their service goals and targets. It ensures services are better placed to successfully meet the needs of the people who receive care and support.

Our Skills for Care endorsed leadership programmes and short courses have been developed to build on your experience, capacity, capability, and integrity, taking your skills to the next level.

We have a selection of courses for you to choose from.

Understanding self management skills

Develop self-management, emotional intelligence, and time management skills. Enhance well-being, resilience, and positive influence on others.

Good practice in supervision

Supervision isn't just a tick boxing exercise. It's an opportunity to support your staff's learning and development, as well as consider their wellbeing, performance and how their work impacts the individuals they support.

Understanding performance management

Explore the performance management cycle and strategies for improving performance. Develop skills in feedback, coaching, and mentoring for a high-performing workforce.

Customer service skills

Enhance customer service skills: Identify customers, learn components of excellence, set expectations, handle challenging interactions effectively.

Values based recruitment

Learn values-based recruitment, apply to your context. Gain practical interviewing skills for higher quality candidate interviews.

Understanding workplace culture

Understand the relationship between culture, values, and vision. Develop strategies to assess and shape organisational culture effectively.

Lead to succeed

Develop leadership potential: Successful behaviours, positive culture, effective supervision, change management, inspection process.

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