Safeguarding Adults is about protecting adults' right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect, and helping people to achieve the outcomes that matter to them. The Care Act 2014 describes adult safeguarding as one of the core functions of adult care and support. When abuse or neglect does occur, it needs to be dealt with swiftly, effectively and in ways that are proportionate to the concerns raised.

In addition, the person must be at the centre of any safeguarding response and must stay as much in control of decision making as possible. The right of the individual to be heard throughout the process is a critical element in the drive to ensure more personalised care and support. All organisations should agree how they will work together and the roles they will play, to keep adults at risk safe.

Our training courses will help you to increase your knowledge and legal literacy about safeguarding adults, applying the six statutory principles: Empowerment, Prevention, Proportionality, Protection, Partnership and Accountability.

We have a selection of courses for you to choose from.

Safeguarding managing safely

Learn to manage services safely, prioritising person-centred safeguarding. Understand legal duties and roles in addressing safeguarding concerns.

Domestic abuse in later life: CPD session

This Continuing Professional Development session is suitable for all professionals and practitioners working with adults over the age of 60 years old.

Working with risk

Do you work with complex risk? This course aims to support professionals to effectivity assess and manage high risk, complex situations with adults who have care and support needs.

Safeguarding awareness

Develop knowledge to manage services safely and ensure person-centred safeguarding. Understand legal obligations and roles in raising and investigating safeguarding concerns.

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