Ten tips for hanging indoors

Suddenly being at home all the time after being at school or college and meeting up with friends and family can be hard. At a time where you may be bursting to get out there, we’ve compiled ten tips to help you make the most of your time.

Take part in an exercise class

There are many free online classes available, including live streaming. Joe Wick’s daily P.E with Joe on YouTube is one of many helping keep the nation active and can help energise the start to your day. You can do this class, and others, at a time that suits you.

Get cooking

This is a good time to experiment with some new dishes. Helping out in the kitchen may also win you brownie points from your parents. Renowned cook Jack Monroe gives helpful tips on budget cooking and is currently hosting live Q& As on Twitter at 5pm for any cooking queries.

We also have a few ideas here on making the most of the food you have and using leftovers.

Check in with your school

Lots of schools, as well as providing pupil support, are sharing ideas on things you can be doing and are on social media. Check also what free membership they have to online resources.

Explore the arts, politics, the world, whatever you want!

You may already be linking up with your school. You could also use this time to explore what interests you and learn more about it.

Both the Open University and Future Learn offer free short courses.

There are also virtual tours where you can learn more about space, other countries, nature.

Visit the d’Orsay in Paris or MOMA in New York.

Watch national theatre for free.

Or see animals live in their natural environment.

You can learn more about politics and how laws are made including resources aimed at teenagers.

Catch up with friends and family

Lots of online apps let you see your friends and family via video link, including WhatsApp, Zoom and Houseparty. You can also see friends through your PlayStation.

Keep a healthy mind

This can be an anxious time and there are lots of networks able to offer you advice and support.

Mental health and wellbeing charity Mind also offer advice.

Young Minds offer help for Young People struggling with news about coronavirus and how it is affecting their mental health.

Hampshire CAMHS offers a range of top tips for young people to help support and manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Take part in climate action

climate action

We are in a crisis and there is also another emergency with climate change. Earth Day is an international event providing an opportunity to take action.

Find out what the County Council are doing on climate change and what you can do to help.

Listen to music or podcasts

As well as getting down to your own beats or listening to the radio, there are many bands and orchestras streaming concerts as well as discussions or stories.

Look online, these are just a few things you can listen to.

Volunteer for international projects from your bedroom

Zooniverse is a fantastic online community of international researchers offering digital volunteering opportunities to inform active projects. These could range from supporting the Natural History Museum, identifying plastics on beaches to transcribing real diaries of WW2 soldiers.

Get creative

Practice your photography skills (not just selfies!) and look at challenges you could take part in such as photoweek or RSPB’s Young Photographer of the Year prize.

Make your own time capsule to remember this time in future years.

If you want to expand your digital skills now could be a time to get coding.