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If you run (or you’re part of) a male-focused group in Hampshire and want to improve the health and wellbeing of your group members, or if you want to start up a new group, please apply to join Men’s Activity Network. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to unlock additional training, support and grant funding to help you achieve your goals.

We have outlined everything you need to know before starting your application.

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If you’re not sure whether you are eligible, or want to know a bit more about what we do, email the project team at

Who can join

If you want to start a new group from scratch, we can help you get your plans off the ground. Tell us about your ideas for the group and where it might be based and we’ll let you know about the support available to make it happen.

Men’s Activity Network was inspired by the Men’s Shed movement, so we’d be delighted to welcome existing Sheds to the network. It means you’re already on track to improve your Shedders’ health and wellbeing. We want to support you to take it further.

We will be able to provide additional training and grant funding to help you maximise the potential for your Shed and Shedders.


If you already run a group in Hampshire that isn’t a Shed but does involve a common activity or hobby primarily aimed at men, we would welcome you to join Men’s Activity Network.

We will provide additional training, support and grant funding to help you to maximise the potential of your group and group members.

Why we need you and what to expect

Men’s Activity Network is part of the Interreg 2 Seas Step by Step (SBS) project, a new initiative to improve men’s health. By joining Men’s Activity Network, you are taking part in the SBS project and we will be working together to help improve the health and wellbeing of men in our communities.

The SBS project approach

The SBS approach focuses on combining mental wellbeing, physical health and skills development within informal community groups. As part of the SBS project, you will need to be committed to improving the health and wellbeing of your group’s members and ready to try out and give feedback on the different tools SBS has to offer. This includes taking part in the official evaluation being undertaken by the University of Chichester.

The tools on offer include

  • One to one support through the Group Leader Development Programme
  • Small grants
  • Health Champion training
  • Skills Development Coach training
  • Marketing and engagement training
  • Access to free Health MOT Kiosks for your members to use
  • An interactive digital challenge website

For more information take a look at The Toolbox.

Information on how we will use your data is outlined in our Privacy Notice.

Your group, or your plans for your group, should involve meeting regularly, bringing members together to take part in an activity or hobby and provide an opportunity for members to talk and socialise with each other.

We don’t specify what the activities should be as long as they are designed to benefit group members, i.e. through improved health, wellbeing, community involvement or learning new skills. If you need any assistance to develop these as new activities, we can give you additional support.

As part of Men’s Activity Network, we expect our members to have adequate insurance measures in place, adhere to all relevant laws and regulations and not to participate in or support any criminal activities, terrorism or extremism in any from.

Men’s Activity Network and Hampshire County Council are offering support to develop your group using Interreg 2Seas funding and will not be liable for your group’s activities or responsible for managing your group

We’re looking for groups aiming to recruit primarily working-age men as members but which don’t exclude women and/or seniors from joining.

If your group meets anywhere in Hampshire (excluding Southampton or Portsmouth) you’re welcome to apply, and we welcome groups that are based in areas where health might be poorer, or where there are fewer existing options for men.

Application process

If you want us to talk to us before you apply, please email us and we will arrange this with you.

If your group isn't eligible to join, we can still point you to other resources or services to help your group develop and improve your members' health.

Application form

Once you're ready to join, fill out our quick application form.

If you already run a group, make sure you have the authority to join the Men's Activity Network on behalf of your members first.

Next steps

Men's Activity Network is about working together, so getting to know you is important to us.

Once you've applied, you'll receive a follow up within a week from a member of the project team to talk a bit more about your group and give you a better understanding of Men's Activity Network and the Step by Step project.

We'll be able to answer specific questions and provide further details on the project, and clarify any questions related to your application.

Once accepted, you'll receive a welcome pack of resources outlining the support and benefits available to you, including training, grant funding and details of Men's Activity Network events.