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If you run (or you're part of) a male-focused group in Hampshire and want to improve the health and wellbeing of your group members, or if you want to start up a new group, please apply to join Men's Activity Network.

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If you want to know a bit more about the Network email the project team at

Who can join

If you want to start a new group from scratch, we can help you get your plans off the ground. Tell us about your ideas for the group and where it might be based and we’ll let you know about the support available to make it happen.

If you already run a group in Hampshire that involves a common activity or hobby primarily aimed at men, or you would like to increase the number of men in your group, we would welcome you to join Men’s Activity Network. All you need is an interest in improving your members’ health and wellbeing.

Men’s Activity Network was inspired by the Men’s Shed movement, so we’d be delighted to welcome Men’s Sheds to the network. It means you’re already on track to improve your Shedders’ health and wellbeing. We want to support you to take it further.