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The Toolbox

Men’s Activity Network can give you training, support and resources when you’re ready to turn your group into an SBS ‘Shed’ in Hampshire.

We build on the work your group is already doing and give you the extra support to boost your members’ health, skills and abilities.

Health Champions

Men’s Activity Network will provide training for your members to become Health Champions.

This one-day training package will give you the skills to encourage your members to have conversations about their mental and physical health. You can then point them to the resources they need to get the right support.

When you complete the training you’ll also have access to our Health Champion manual providing information and advice on men’s health issues and frequently asked questions.


Marketing and engagement

Our half-day training programme offers insights in how to better engage with men and market your group.

Once you complete the training you’ll be given access to a toolkit with marketing resources that you can adapt to your group to attract new members.


Leader support and group development

We can give you tailored information, advice and guidance if you’re interested in starting new groups or further developing existing groups aimed at men.

This offer is open if you’re ready to adopt the SBS model and includes potential access to funding for your group along with a range of personalised and flexible support in leading and managing a group.


Skills builder

We can provide training for your members to become Skill Builders, giving members of your group who need it an extra hand to gain new skills or get back on the job ladder.

Skill Builders will be able to recognise the opportunities for other people to develop and enhance their skills, and support men to take control of their life and utilise the opportunities on offer. This could include volunteering, access to courses, or going for a new job. We’ll even give them links to organisations in Hampshire that can give extra support.


Additional information and support

Talk on issues affecting men’s health on the Men’s Health Forum.