Support for newly qualified social workers

Guidance for NQSWs taking their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)

The ASYE framework provides extra support and guidance for newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) as they transition from professional training into practice. The guidance builds on the knowledge and expertise they will have developed during their training, providing a sound foundation for them to continue their professional development during their second year and beyond.

All NQSWs in Hampshire Adults' Health and Care will receive:

  • an induction to the profession and their organisation
  • access to the correct level of quality supervision
  • a process of continued professional development for post-registration training and learning requirements
  • support from an offsite assessor who will support the line manager to recommend a pass/fail decision
NQSW role profile
Skills for care

Reflective professional supervision is a crucial part of the support offered to newly qualified social workers undertaking the ASYE.

Supervision requirements

  1. Every week for the first 6 weeks
  2. Every two weeks until the 6 month point – shared between the onsite supervisor and offsite assessor
  3. Every month until the end of the ASYE – monthly supervision from the on site supervisor will be supplemented with additional supervision facilitated by the Professional Development team

These supervision targets must be met in order for us to qualify for funding from Skills for Care who oversee the ASYE programme.

It is mandatory for NQSWs to be supervised by a qualified social worker.

A log of supervision dates must be maintained and recorded in the portfolio.

Workload relief

Newly qualified social workers are recruited to a specific role profile that requires a reduced workload.

It is the line manager's responsibility to ensure the NQSW has a reduced workload, and that their workload is of an appropriate level of complexity, in line with the programme requirements.

ASYE programme – workload management requirements and responsibilities

Development programme

All new Adults' Health and Care staff are required to complete a mandatory training pathway to support their induction.

Newly qualified social workers registered on the ASYE programme must also complete an additional development programme. This includes reflective learning on areas relevant to social workers in Adults' Health and Care:

  • emotional resilience
  • challenging social work conversations
  • service user experiences
  • working with people who are dying
  • strength based social work
  • critical analysis and decision making

Guidance on how newly qualified social workers can be involved in Section 42 safeguarding enquiries.

Hampshire ASYE guidance for managing safeguarding work

Reflective practice