CPD activities

Examples of activities that can be reflected on and recorded in your CPD

The Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) suggest you draw evidence from a wide range of CPD activities. You should complete 1 or 2 activities every couple of months. Take time to reflect on the activities and write down your thoughts.

There are five categories of CPD activity:

  • Work-based learning: for example, in-house training courses, reflective practice, team sessions
  • Professional activity: for example, mentoring, professional body involvement, practice education
  • Formal/educational: for example, academic courses, conferences, research projects
  • Self-directed: for example, reading, internet research
  • Other: for example, voluntary work, school governor responsibilities

You should gather evidence from at least three categories across the two year period.

Examples of CPD activities

Any activity that informs your practice and meets the standards of HCPC can be recorded in your CPD.