Protected CPD time

Using your allotted time for reflecting and writing your CPD

All qualified social workers should have one hour per week of protected CPD time to reflect on their learning.

  • This time can be flexible, but it must be agreed with your line manager.
  • It is your responsibility to take the time and use it effectively.

Your protected CPD time could be used for:

  • reflection
  • critical analysis
  • linking theory with practice
  • recording
  • short activities that have been agreed by your supervisor or included in your IPP (for example, team reflective sessions)

Attending a training course cannot be included in your protected time, but reflecting on your learning from the training course can.

Part time staff

Registered staff who work part time will have their protected CPD time reduced in proportion to their reduced hours.

For example, if you are working half the number of hours of a full time member of staff, you should take half an hour of CPD time, rather than one hour.