Solar Together Hampshire

Buying solar panels and battery storage made easy

Solar Together Hampshire is a scheme offering high-quality solar panels and battery storage. It is a group-buying scheme which brings Hampshire homeowners together to get solar panels at a competitive price. Hampshire County Council is working with independent and trusted experts, iChoosr Ltd, to help make the switch to clean energy as cost effective and easy as possible.

Generate your own electricity to save on your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint by having solar panels installed.

Registration for the current scheme has now closed, but you may wish to register your interest for potential future schemes.

How does it work? 

  1. Registration: you can register before 27 September 2022 for free and without obligation. Simply provide details about your roof, such as its size. If you already have solar panels, you can register to have battery storage added to maximise the benefits of your system. Simply select this option when registering.

  2. Auction: iChoosr will conduct a supplier ‘auction’ which will be held on 27 September, when trustworthy, pre-vetted and approved solar suppliers will bid for the work. The supplier with the lowest price wins, which is often a local supplier. The more people that register, the better the deal should be for each household!

  3. Personal recommendation: from 17 October you will be contacted with a personal recommendation, based on the specifications of your roof. This includes your costs and specification of your solar panel installation.

  4. You decide: the decision is then yours as to whether you want to accept your recommendation. There is no obligation to continue.

  5. Installation: if you accept, the winning supplier will contact you to survey your roof and agree an installation date with you.

For more information about iChoosr, please see here.

Benefits of solar panels

Solar panels save you money on electricity bills

With the cost of energy at an all-time high and increasing, saving money on your electricity bills has never been more important. When you use your home-generated solar energy, you're not using energy from the grid that you would have to pay for and, in most cases, this soon adds up to significant savings .To maximise your savings, you can install a battery to store the energy generated by your solar panels during the day and use it at night.

Solar panels can increase the value of your home

In the same way that adding an extension makes your property worth more, solar panels can also add value. According to research by Solar Energy UK:

“Analysis of more than five million property sales shows that installing PV on a typical home could increase its value by £1,891–£2,722. Solar property commands a price premium of 0.9%–2%. This means that the sale price of a home can be increased by half the cost of installing a solar panel system itself.”

Use green energy to charge your electric car

The Solar Together scheme offers optional add-ons like insurance-backed guarantees for customer protection, and electric vehicle charge point installation, so you’ll be using your own green renewable energy to charge your car.

Read more from Solar Together to help you decide whether solar panels are right for you.

Want to find out more?

Visit the Solar Together Hampshire website where you can register for the scheme, read the frequently asked questions section and ask your own questions via an online form.

The Solar Together freephone helpline is also available to if you have any further questions (0800 098 8415).

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