Global style guide

How we design and build Hampshire County Council's digital services

Web design standards

The web design standards supplement the core Hantsweb Digital Principles, focusing on how to build solutions optimised for the web.


Mobile first

  • All content and services are designed for the smallest screen first.
  • Layouts and behaviours that support physically larger devices are then layered on top, where required.


  • All services start with the content.
  • Each page or point in a service must be tightly focused to aid task completion.

Built in the open

  • We build new services and functionality in the open as much as possible. It helps us test, and it helps us to get feedback early on.
  • Failing fast is better than failing late and with no room to change.

Living documentation

  • The documentation that makes Hantsweb is delivered by Hantsweb.
  • Documentation is genuinely living, reflecting the environment from which it is made.


  • All Hantsweb pages should load and be ready to use within 3 seconds – on any device.
  • Other assets (multimedia, scripts) can be lazy-loaded, or omitted if non-essential.

Modular design

  • Designing components and functionality takes priority over designing high-fidelity mock-ups or even wireframes.