Chart palettes


Chart palettes are used to pick the colours displayed on a chart. There are several palettes to choose from: 

  • Beige orange burgundy
  • Blue beige
  • Blue green yellow burgundy orange
  • Blues to greens
  • Burgundy orange
  • Green beige burgundy orange
  • Greens
  • Orange green yellow
  • Orange yellow
  • Reds to yellows
  • Teals

Each palette has a name and a description (which are usually the same) and a list of colours. The colours are represented by their HTML (hexadecimal) colour codes.

The palettes all use colours from the colour scheme below.


Colour scheme

chart palettes #022840 #024959 #027373 #80A690 #405979 #677E52 #BDCA77 #E5D19E #AE3E3E #F27052 #F2A25C #F2DA63
WCMS use

Create a new palette

In Content Editor, go to Common content > Global settings > presentation > colour-pallets

Duplicate an existing palette and change the colours. Only use colours from the colour scheme above and make sure that there is enough contrast between neighbouring colours. use
Version and status
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