Chart palettes


Chart palettes are used to pick the colours displayed on a chart. There are several palettes to choose from: 

  • Beige orange burgundy
  • Blue beige
  • Blue green yellow burgundy orange
  • Blues to greens
  • Burgundy orange
  • Green beige burgundy orange
  • Greens
  • Orange green yellow
  • Orange yellow
  • Reds to yellows
  • Teals

Each palette has a name and a description (which are usually the same) and a list of colours. The colours are represented by their HTML (hexadecimal) colour codes.

The palettes all use colours from the colour scheme below.


Colour scheme

chart palettes #022840 #024959 #027373 #80A690 #405979 #677E52 #BDCA77 #E5D19E #AE3E3E #F27052 #F2A25C #F2DA63
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