Data protection guide

This guide provides you with important data protection information
Consulting with a data protection coordinator

When building a new form you should consult with a data protection co-ordinator about the content of the form and how the data captured will be handled.  See below for more detail on data handling.

See the Hantsnet Data Protection Co-ordinators page for contact details

Including a mandatory ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox on every form

Every form must contain a mandatory checkbox to confirm that someone has provided informed consent.  The suggested wording is as follows:

By ticking this box, you agree that Hampshire County Council can use the information you provide to process this request.  The personal data you provide will be protected and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  For more about how we use your information, see our privacy notice.

To add this, using the form builder, you should add a checkbox field containing most of the statement, followed by an info block containing the link to the privacy notice.  Generally, this should appear immediately before the Submit button.  This is how it looks on a form:

 Data Protection Agreement checkbox

This wording can be adapted, in consultation with a data protection co-ordinator, if there is further data handling information to include for that particular form.  If the form has other terms and conditions that need to be agreed, this statement can be incorporated within these, so that one checkbox is used to agree all the terms and conditions.


Data handling

Your form data will be handled in one or more of the following ways (depending on how you build the form)

  • Copy of the data emailed to the business as an HTML attachment
  • Copy of the data emailed to the customer as an HTML attachment
  • Ticket created in C4C, linked to a customer record, with form data as an HTML attachment
  • Relevant data used to make a payment
  • Relevant data stored in SWIFT

See the related guides for more details.  These should be discussed with a data protection co-ordinator as applicable.