Form set up

This guide gets you started with creating a form using the Sitecore Forms Builder.
Using the forms builder

The forms builder is contained within the Content Editor, accessed from the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Content Editor icon

All forms created using the Forms Builder are found in the Forms folder under sitecore > Content.

Forms Folder

Here, you can create a new form from scratch, or copy and amend an existing form.  To view and use the form you've created you'll need to put it on a page and publish both the page and the form.

Creating a new form from scratch

If you want to start from scratch, rather than copying an existing form, right click on Forms and select Insert > Form.

Inserting a Form 

You will be prompted to give the form a name.  Then you will be able to fill in the properties for your new form (see Forms Properties). 

Forms properties

Forms properties are a series of settings specific to each form. When you click on a form in the tree, you can view and amend its properties.  The table below shows the main properties of interest:

FormTitle The title that appears at the top of the form

e.g. 'General Enquiries'
FormIntro Some introductory text that can appear at the top of the form (not always needed)

e.g. 'Please provide your contact details to enable us to respond to your enquiry'
A dropdown of possible actions to carry out on submission on the form

e.g. ‘CreateTicket’, which creates a ticket in C4C with the form details attached and sends a copy to the business
A string of comma separated parameters to be passed (e.g. to C4C) on submission of the form

e.g. 'ticketSubject = "Form Enquiry - Ceremonies", serviceCategory = RG, reasonCategory = RG-GG'

(for further explanation of these parameters see the guide on integration)
Copying an existing form

This is a good way to create a new form as it copies settings, such as form action and parameters, from the existing form, as well as duplicating steps and fields.  Parameters, fields etc. can then be amended as required.

Find the form you want to copy, right click and select Duplicate.

Duplicating a Form

You will be prompted to enter a name for the new item.  Once done, the new form will appear in the Forms tree.

Form steps

Once you have created a form you need to add one or more 'steps', which will contain the form fields.  See the Form Steps guide for details