Form steps

This guide explains how to create steps within your form, which will contain the form fields.
Adding a new form step

A form must contain at least one step.  If a form just has one step, all the form fields will appear on one page with a submit button at the end.  For forms that need to be organised into sections, a step is used for each section. 'Next Step' and 'Previous Step' buttons will then appear as appropriate at the bottom of each step, with the Submit button appearing at the end of the final step. 

To create a form step, right click on the form and select Insert > FormStep

Inserting a Form Step

You can rename the step if required.

Adding a new field to a step

Right click on the step.  Select the type of field you want to insert. 

Inserting a Field

For details about each field type see Field Types.

Copying fields from another form

It is also possible to copy a form step, or individual fields from another form.  Examples might be to copy a 'Personal Details' step to quickly replicate a set of standard fields, or to copy an individual info block field, such as a data protection statement, or a checkbox field with a standard terms and conditions statement. 

To copy a field, right click on the field you want to copy and select Copying > Copy To.

Copying a Field

Navigate to the form step where you want to place the copy of the item.  The field will appear at the top of that step.  You can then drag it down to where you want it.

Adding a summary step

It is possible to add a summary step to a form. A summary step can be added to the end of a form and it provides a tabular breakdown of a user’s completed responses. 

To add a summary step, click on the form. Then right click and insert ‘FormSummaryStep’.

Drag this summary step to the bottom of your form (i.e. below all the other steps). The summary step will automatically be populated with information once it is filled in by the user.