This guide covers making a form available for people to use, by putting it on a page and publishing both the page and the form.
Creating a page to put your form on

In order to make your form available for people to use, you need to create a page to put your form on.  A good way to do this is to copy an existing page with a form on it and re-point it to your form.  This will copy the layout of the existing page, and help ensure that forms have a consistent look, e.g. appearing 80% wide on the page.  

Look under Home > Content > Forms and right click on the page you want to copy and select Duplicate, then enter a name for your new page.

Copying a Form Page 

With your page selected, click on Presentation tab and select Details from the menu bar.  You’ll get this pop up box:

Layout Details Box

Select the Final Layout tab, then click on Form.

Change the Data Source to point to your new form (you can browse to find it).

Pointing to the New Form



Publishing the page and form

Select the page and go to Home > Edit > Fast track, to fast track the form page for publishing. 

Fast Tracking

Then select the Publish Tab and choose Publish > Publish Item.

Publishing the Item

Make sure ‘Smart Publish’ is selected and ‘publish subitems’ and ‘publish related’ items are ticked, then click Publish.

Publish Item Box

Then select the form and repeat the above steps to publish the form itself.

Your form page will then appear on the website you published it to.  For example, the following link is to a form page published from Sitecore dev environment to the dev website: