Social media footer

Buttons linking to different social media channels

  • The social media footer is available for every page template on Hantsweb
  • The default setting is the Hantsconnect Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • The social media links can be updated to reflect the correct social media links for the corresponding page content area

WCMS use

Adding social media links

  • Select the parent page in the content tree
  • Go to the social media links section in content editor
  • Add in the correct URLs for the associated social media channels as required
  • Select save
  • The children of the parent page will inherit the media buttons added
  • If you only want the child page to have the social media link – add specifically to the associated child pages

Hiding social media links

  • Content author can disable the default social media links from showing by ticking the 'Hide the social media links section' box use

<ul class="center tiny-top">
                <li class="inlined">
                    <a rel="nofollow" href="" class="noborder tooltip" title="Facebook" aria-label="Facebook">
                        <i class="medium facebook icon" aria-hidden="true" title="Facebook" style="display: inline;"></i><span class="jq-hidden-icon-label offscreen">Facebook</span>
                <li class="inlined">
                    <a rel="nofollow" href="" class="noborder tooltip" aria-label="@HantsUiUx" title="@HantsUiUx">
                        <i class="medium twitter icon" aria-hidden="true" title="@HantsUiUx" style="display: inline;"></i><span class="jq-hidden-icon-label offscreen">@HantsUiUx</span>
                <li class="inlined">
                    <a rel="nofollow" href="" class="noborder tooltip" title="" aria-label="">
                        <i class="medium wordpress icon" aria-hidden="true" title="" style="display: inline;"></i><span class="jq-hidden-icon-label offscreen"></span>
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