Video Embed

An embedded YouTube or Vimeo video player


This component allows a YouTube or Vimeo video to be embedded into a placeholder.

The video and playback controls are all delivered directly by YouTube or Vimeo.

WCMS use

Create a new video component

In Content Editor, navigate to common-content, Multimedia, youtube and create a folder if there is not already one.

Right click on the folder and choose Insert and then Insert from template. Navigate to Templates, Content Templates, Images and Multimedia and then select VideoEmbed. Fill in the Item Name field and press Insert.

In the Video ID field paste the ID of the YouTube (all characters after the = sign), or Vimeo video (the first string of nine digits).

Select YouTube or Vimeo from the Video type dropdown.

Add a video component to a page

In Content Editor, navigate to the page you wish to insert your video and single click to highlight it. Press the Publish tab and then Experience Editor.

In Experience Editor, select a placeholder and press the 'add here' insert option.

Browse to Renderings, Building Blocks, Media, VideoEmbed.

Choose an existing YouTube video item from the YouTube folder (you can also create a new component from her). use

<div class="embed-container">
    <iframe src="//" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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