Media unit

Column display of multimedia items


The media unit is used to highlight a multimedia item (video, image, audio, infographic) and provide an additional text description.

Media units can be used in isolation, or as part of a listing.

  • This text provides a little summary of the video you can see here. This video is about waste and recycling in Hampshire.

WCMS use

Inserting the unit

  1. From the Experience Editor, select a placeholder at least 8 columns (66%) wide and press the 'add here' insert option.
  2. Browse Renderings > Building Blocks > Media and choose 'MediaUnit'
  3. Browse to an existing media unit content item, or create a new one (which will default to being a child item of the page)

Creating the content

The media unit has two columns:

  1. Column one has an image field (for a thumbnail image to associate with an audio file), and a placeholder that allows the insertion of a YouTube component
  2. Column two has a rich-text field for the description of the media item, it also has a placeholder that allows the insertion of an audio file with an associated inline player. use

HTML mark-up


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