Call to action buttons

Buttons to prompt user input or task completion


Call to action buttons are used to route users into a task or transactional process.

Typical uses are:

  • book onto an event
  • apply for a "thing"
  • report a problem
  • start a search for something

Two types of call to action exist - primary and secondary.

A primary call to action should normally only exist once on a page, located either at the top (quick jump) or bottom of the page (lead the user to it).

Secondary calls to action can be used for alternate or supplementary tasks that might be started from a page already containing a call to action, or where there is no clear primary action (two tasks are equal).

WCMS use

Authors can insert call to action buttons in placeholders on:

Web Team can insert call to action buttons into any placeholder.

Adding a call to action button

  1. 1.Insert a call to action button by selecting the chosen placeholder and pressing 'add here'.
  2. From the dialog that appears, choose:
    • Primary call to action
    • Secondary call to action
  3. When prompted to select associated content, either navigate to the content your button links to, or create a new item to link it to
  4. The Button label field from the Link Details field group on the content item will be the text that appears on the button. use

<div class="well">
    <a class="green full-width" role="button" href="">Join online now<i class="icon angle-right" style="display: inline;"></i></a>

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