Sub menu of the navigation bar on a microsite

Drop-down menus are sub menus of navigation items. They are only used in microsites as part of the navigation bar on microsite landing page template.
WCMS use

1. Insert a microsite landing page (right click on the area where you would like your microsite and insert HCC_Microsite_Landing)

2. Add pages to your microsite as normal (for a guide to microsites see microsite).


3. The pages as they are named in the content tree will appear in the navigation bar at the top of the microsite landing page

4. When sub pages are added to these pages, the navigation bar will create a dropdown for each main page. The dropdown will show each of the sub pages

MVC.net use

<a class="dropdown-toggle" href="https://dev-www.hants.gov.uk/Ravleen-microsite-test/HCC_Landing">
                                        <b class="caret show-on-desktops"></b>
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