Link items

Link items are created in common-content and are links to either internal or external pages, where the content associated with the link (such as icon, image, description) can be reused in multiple locations.
WCMS use

There are two types of link item, internal and external, which are created in common-content > navigation > internal link items or external link items respectively.  The link items themselves have fundamentally the same characteristics, whether internal or external.  So for this example we will create an external link item.

  1. Navigate to common-content > navigation > external link items
  2. Right click and insert LinkItem, and name appropriately
    insert link item
  3. Add details to your link, such as Link title, Link caption, Link image, etc.
  4. Create the link to a webpage by clicking 'Insert external link'
    create link item
  5. Give the link a description and insert the URL
  6. You can also test the link by pressing the Test button use
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