Pull links

A way to pull out links to the left or right of a page


Pull links are part of the news listing feature. They allow hyperlinks to be added at the bottom of a news article and 'pulled' either to the left or right of the page. They can also be called pull outs or pull quotes.


WCMS use

1. Create  a news article page. This can be done by right- clicking on a landing page, selecting insert, and selecting a news article template (HCC_NewsArticle)

2. When the page properties open on the right, select 'Show editor' in the content field. This opens up a rich text editor.

3. After writing your content, create the link you would like to be pulled to the left or right. It is possible to create the link using the hyperlink manager in the rich text editor (in the toolbar at the top)

4. Select your link, and apply CSS Class called 'News-Paragraph with link floated left' or 'News-Paragraph with link floated right'. This will pull out the link to either the left or right of the page, and will put it in a coloured box (see example)

MVC.net use
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