Creating metadata tags


Tags are used to draw out items such as metadata tags, chosen filters or any other group of related links on a page.

The most common uses are:

Tags and categories on blog posts
Chosen filters on search results
Related topics on information pages


Paying Old age Physical disabilities Learning disabilities Mental health conditions Substance misuse Sensory impairment Dementia Information and advice

WCMS use

1. Create a metadata tag. To do this, go to Common content>Global settings>Metadata. Right click and insert 'LookupValueGroup'

2. It is possible to add these tags to pages. To do this, click on the page you would like to add the metadata tag on. In its properties, go to the Page Metadata section and select the LookupValueGroup which you would like to be added to the page.

MVC.net use

<a class="tag" href="adultsocialcare/adultcarefinder.htm?site=adult_services&filter=0&q=&requiredfields=topics:Paying" rel="nofollow">Paying</a>
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