Venue promotion slider

Promote features from a venue explorer page via a slider


The slider is displayed in a similar way to a standard feature slider. It displays features that have been tagged with a particular meta tag.


See the venue explorer slider on Hillier Gardens’ home page. This slider has been set up to show any features tagged with the ‘looking good now’ meta tag.

Venue promotion slider - Hillier Gardens

WCMS use

Create a new venue promotion slider

Go to common content > images > promotionslider.

Duplicate an existing slider and change the details, or create a new one by right clicking on the promotions slider folder and select insert > insert from template > Content Templates > Promoted content > VenuePromotionSlider

Fill in the required details:

Data source – this is the venue explorer page that contains the features you want to put into the slider

Slider title – the heading you want to appear above the slider

Venue explorer link text – this appears underneath the slider and to the right and is a link to the venue explorer page. Clicking this link will show all features, not just the promoted ones that are in the slider.

Promoted tag – choose the meta tag that will determine which venue explorer features are put into the slider. Note, this needs to be a tag such as ‘looking good now’, not a metadata group such as ‘worth looking at’

Venue promotions slider - setting up - Hilliers

Display with overlay images - if unticked, will display as tiles tickbox – does exactly what it says!

Adding slider to a web page

The slider will need to be added to a rendering slot via Experience Editor. The slider rendering sits in Building Blocks > Images use
Version and status
  • current version
  • Concept