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The External Search Form is a search item and rendering which displays a basic form, used to submit a request to an external search page via GET.


The external search form logic is used on:

Jobs homepage - jobs

Adult social care - adultsocialcare 

Demo external search form

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WCMS use

Create external search form item   

  1. Create an ExternalSearchForm settings item (in Common-content > Searches > Externalsearches), rename for your specific search
  2. Update the settings required such as Title, search label, placeholder text etc.
  3. Input the external search url and based on its logic determine the positioning of the keyword token ‘Search={KEYWORD}’ For example: https://connectsupport.hants.gov.uk/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=2376&Search={KEYWORD}
  4. Select whether the search is freetext, dropdown or both

Creating a dropdown category in the search item

  1. If you wish to have a dropdown you must select the datasource on the external search form settings item
  2. To point to the correct datasource firstly create a folder under Common-content > Searches > ExternalSearches, and rename for the specific search
  3. In that folder, create a folder to hold the categories, rename something specific to search
  4. Add one or more LookupItem to the folder to represent the category, make sure it’s got the right value for the category

The logic behind the lookup is that the lookup category must be matched to a value that is in the external search. This can be found by inspecting the element on the external search html and assessing how their categories are added to the querystring based on values

Adding external search rendering to a page

  1. On the chosen page which includes the search form, open the page in Experience Editor
  2. Insert the form into the placeholder using the rendering (Renderings > Building Blocks > Search > ExternalSearchForm)
  3. When prompted, select the settings file as the datasource for the rendering

MVC.net use
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