Highlighted numbers, drawn out for emphasis or to support important page information


Keyfigures are used to highlight an important piece of numerical information. This might be:

  • A performance measure
  • A budget or cost saving
  • A price or entry fee
  • Local information or statistic
  • £1,079.28
  • Our 2016/17 Band D council tax
  • serving more than
  • 1.3 million
  • residents in Hampshire
  • The workstyle programme saves
  • £2 million
  • each year in running costs
WCMS use

Make a KeyFigure as a content item.

Content editor

Go to Common content > Text > Keyfigures right click and choose Insert > Keyfigure

Key figures have three fields:

  • Figure intro (optional)
    A single line that introduces the figure
  • Figure
    The figure itself. This can have prefixes and suffixes to make sense
  • Figure caption
    A single line that describes what the figure is

Experience editor

Into a valid placeholder, press add here and choose Keyfigure.

You will be prompted to find an existing Keyfigure, or given the option to create a new one.

When the rendering and associated content item are displayed, you will be able to edit the fields inline. use
Version and status
  • 1
  • current version
  • Concept
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release