Pull Outs

Pull outs move blocks of text to the hard left or hard right of the page grid, as a means of visually highlighting them.

Pull left and pull right styles are not normally meant to be used within a guide! As you can see, they make a bit of a mess.  This is for demonstration purposes only.

This is a pull left, it sits to the left of the content, taking up 50% of the space, but pulled out

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam feugiat, metus at lacinia fringilla, mi lacus blandit dui, ut fringilla tellus tortor eu nulla. Morbi sollicitudin dapibus velit, et commodo felis auctor in. Cras convallis, est in congue molestie, leo ante bibendum libero, sagittis bibendum ligula metus aliquam neque.

This is a pull right, its sits to the right of the content, taking up 50% of the space, but pulled out

Nam at molestie mi. Duis ligula nibh, varius nec accumsan et, tincidunt quis ex. Cras ornare libero at fringilla porttitor. Morbi eu nisi nec nunc efficitur posuere vitae at nulla. Nulla facilisis neque nisl, non luctus mi sagittis nec. Praesent a accumsan nunc. Nulla posuere fringilla porttitor. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

WCMS use

Pull outs are linked to headered text, so you can either create one in common-content > text > headered text, or use an existing headered text file.

To add a pull out to a page:

  1. select a placeholder and click add here
  2. navigate to renderings > building blocks > text
  3. choose either pull left or pull right
  4. select a headered text file, or create a new one
MVC.net use
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