Tabular data

The Tabular Data rendering allows content authors to create searchable and sortable tables inside Sitecore.
For an example of tabular data use, visit the planned maintenance page.
WCMS use

The Tabular Data rendering can be added to a Landing Page or to a Text Full Width Page using the Experience editor. In order to build a table, it requires table data items (Resource Items) and the table configuration (Tabular Data Settings).

There are multiple types of item definitions, however the default one is ResourceItem. For each one of these there is a corresponding Tabular Data Settings template, e.g. ResourceItem TabularDataSettings.

For example, a Taxi Company table will be built using TaxiCompany items and TaxiCompany TabularDataSettings. We will go through an example of creating a table of ResourceItem items.

Creating a table requires 3 steps:

  1. Creating the table data;
  2. Creating the table configuration;
  3. Adding the Tabular Data rendering to one of a Landing Page or a Text Full Width Page. Pointing the rendering Datasource to the previously created table data and the Table Configuration to the previously created table configuration.

Step 1: Creating the table data

Navigate to your chosen location inside Common Content > Service Content. Create an item of type Tabular Data Folder, via right click > insert from template > Content templates > Service content > generic resources > tabular data folder. Inside it, create items of type ResourceItem and fill in the data (right click > insert > ResourceItem); they will serve as the table data.

Step 2: Creating the table configuration

Navigate to your chosen location inside the Common Content > Service Content (outside the folder that contains the table data). Create an item of type ResourceItem TabularDataSettings and pick the fields you want to display (Right click > insert from template > configuration > generic resource settings). The relevant fields for this type of items are: Resource Description, Resource Thumbnail Image and Resource Title. Select the fields you want to display and save.

Step 3: Adding the Tabular Data rendering to a page

Open your chosen Landing Page or Text Full Width Page in the Sitecore Experience editor. Lock the page and click on the 'Components' button, then add the Tabular Data rendering to the placeholder. You will then be prompted to select the associated content, pick the Tabular Data Folder you created earlier. Then you will be prompted to configure the control properties; point the Table Configuration property to the configuration you created earlier. use
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