Highlighted text, for focus

Wells are highlighted blocks of text that can be used to draw attention to a specific piece of content, or to visually break up the flow of the page.

Well in a rich text editor

Wells can be added in the rich text editor, as a code snippet.

Placeholder wells

Wells can be added as a rendering into most placeholders.
WCMS use

Make a Well as a content item if you think it will be shared across multiple pages, or inside a rich text field if it will only be used once.

Content item

Into a valid placeholder, press add here and choose Well.

You will be prompted to find an existing Headered Text, or given the option to create a new one.

When the rendering and associated content item are displayed, you will be able to edit the text field inline.

Note: The Well only shows the rich text field of the Headered Text block. If you need a heading, add a Heading 3 inside the rich text editor.

Rich text editor

In a rich text editor, press Insert Code Snippet and choose Well.

Code snippet - well

Enter the text you need inside the marked area:

Well in a rich text area

MVC.net use

<dd class="selectables">
                <div class="well">
<h3>Well in a rich text editor</h3>
<p>Wells can be added in the rich text editor, as a code snippet.</p>
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