Event search

A list of events which can be searched against


This component displays events from Funnelback and allows them to be searched. Events that took place in the past are not included. For recurring events, each recurrence is listed as a separate event. Results are paginated, with 12 results displayed per page.

A search form is displayed at the top of the component with a text search, a location dropdown displaying all the lookup values under the Events / Locations lookup folder, and a date dropdown. The date dropdown contains the following values: today and tomorrow, next 7 days, next 28 days, and current month.

Facet filters are displayed for location, category, and venue. The possible values on these facets are dynamically generated from the results, so that a value will only be displayed if there are matching results. A date facet is also displayed, with the same options as the date dropdown plus an option to select a specific date to search for.

Event search can be pre-canned on a theme or category or one or more venues specified on the template. If the search is pre-canned by venues, the venue facet will not be displayed. If it is pre-canned by category, the category facet will not be displayed.

Usage notes

The rendering for this component can be found at Events / SearchEvents. This needs a datasource based on the template Features / Events / SearchForEvents.