This feature allows pledge counts to be maintained


The Pledges feature allows us to set up pledges, each of which can be associated with one or more pledge buttons. Each pledge has a counter which is incremented when the associated pledge button is clicked. Cookies are used to prevent a user from making a pledge more than once. 

Usage notes


There are two renderings that can be used to show on a landing page:

  • PledgeCounter This is the counter for one or more Pledges
  • PledgeButton This is the button for a Pledge, and it needs to be linked to an existing Pledge counter when creating the content for a Pledge Button. When the Pledge button is clicked it will increment the counter for the associated pledge

Content Items

The Data Source for the renderings will need to point to their associated content items. The content items should be created under the following paths:

  • /sitecore/content/common-content/Pledges/Pledge Buttons
  • /sitecore/content/common-content/Pledges/Pledge Counters