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Example timeline with section navigation

Group one is the first and the best

Complete request form

  • Discuss the new App with your department’s Business Transformation Lead (BTL), who will complete the pro-forma.
  • Complete an app pro-forma request
  • Gain sponsorship from your Business Transformation Lead
Business Transformation Leads are:
  • Adults' Health and Care – Sarah Snowdon
  • CCBS – Patrick Blogg
  • Childrens’ Services – Suzanne Smith
  • Corporate Resources – Steph Randall
  • Customer Engagement Service – Philippa Mellish
  • ETE – Mike Bridgeman
  • Legal and Governance – David Kelly
  • Transformation Team – Martin Perrin

Check the approved apps list to see if the app is already approved or declined. If not, complete the pro-forma. If the app is on the declined list you will need a strong business case for a decision review. We are only able to put free store apps through the app process, if there is a charge associated with it then it will have to go through the normal demand process.

  • What is the application?
  • How will you be using the app?
  • Write up a business case about why the app is relevant to your service.
  • Does the application have a cost? If so, the app will need to be requested through the demand process.
  • Are there licence requirements?
  • Is the procurement process required?
  • Does the application collect data? If so, please check the terms and conditions of the app before applying for it.
  • Is a PIA required? Has a PIA been completed, the pro-forma will be returned without one.
  • Are there PSN attributes?
  • Does the app need access to device features. For example location, phone, contacts, camera, email. Please check in the terms and conditions.

Complete PIA and business documents

All aps require a PIA this must be completed in full before submission. If you do not think you need one, complete the first 8 questions to confirm this and then submit in the usual way. You may also need a cloud questionnaire. If there are PSN details, a questionnaire must be completed.

Once completed, submit these with the pro-forma to the EPP team/Service team for review.

Group two comes next

up to
Request received

  • Request reviewed and presented to EPDA board

The team will then review the details of the App and take it through the App security process, where the App is investigated for its suitability within the business. This will include reading the terms and conditions, checking that the app does not penetrate data held within the device and that there are not hidden charges to a “free” app.

Please be aware some “free” apps do charge for corporate licences. The app will be placed in the relevant delivery group, EP Full Project, EP Micro (this will be used for modern apps that are free to use and no licence issues) or EP Small works. The app will then be presented before the Demand Meeting where the relevant staff will review the app and any risks that may be present and decide if the app is suitable for general publication to HCC staff.

up to
Approval decision

The app request will be given a decision:

  • If it is approved, it will continue through to packaging
  • If the app is rejected your service will be informed

If the app is successful then you will receive the decision and the app will be put forward for publishing to the HCC “app store”. If there is a question around the app it can be referred to TDA, they will give the app a further review and will make a decision. If the app is rejected you will be advised accordingly and advised why the app is not going to be published. There are times where the app is rejected and due to business requirements further considerations can be made if the app is resubmitted for consideration. That said there would have to be an exceedingly strong case for the decision to be overridden.

Group three

up to
App packaged

If approved, the app will be set up in the relevant store for download and use on those devices.

Once the decision has been made the request will be passed to the service desk to deliver. Depending on the type of app will depend how it is delivered. There are various routes to delivery. Some apps will be available to download from the standard public store. Some apps will only be available through the HCC windows store or XenMobile for Android. It will be dependant on the type of app that has been requested. The service desk will develop the packaging for the app if it is held within the HCC stores and then publish it for download. The service desk will then update the approved apps list for either your service or the generic list depending on where the app was requested from and you will receive communication that the app is available for download and use.