Upcoming event cards

This component displays a selection of upcoming events matching specific criteria


This component displays four events from Funnelback that match specific criteria. These criteria can be themes, categories, venues, or locations. Events are selected based on how soon they are occurring. For non-recurring events, this is worked out from the end date and time. For recurring events, each recurrence is counted as a separate event. Past events are not included.

For each event, the title, venue, date, and image are shown. For multiday events, both the start and end date are shown.

Other fields that can be set on this template are a link to more events, the heading of the component, and the heading style (h2, h3, h4).

Usage notes

The rendering for this component can be found at Events/UpcomingEventCards. This needs a datasource based on the template Features/Events/UpcomingEventCards.