A collection of events, grouped together with a search


There are a number of renderings and templates used to display events on a page. These event pages are updated via a webservice to the events system.


The events renderings are used in the Library events pages

WCMS use

Create an event page

  1. Create landing page in the service/content area and label ‘events’
  2. Insert HCC_EventDetails template as a child of the landing page – this is a blank page which is fed via web service, you don’t need to do any configuration

Create an event listing page

  1. Go to common content > Searches> Events – Insert Events Listing Settings
  2. On the template select a theme, venue or category
  3. Point the search url and details url to the events page you created in Create an event page step 1 and 2
  4. Add default placeholder for button text

Create an event search form

  1. Create an events search form under common content > Searches > Events
  2. Insert Events Search Form template (Found under Form Templates)
  3. Complete the form details including the form action url which is your event page. Also include the Venue, Category and Theme.

These ID’s will pull the latest dated events from the events system to be displayed onto the webpage.

  1. Complete facet detail information
    Add in lookup values if not found for the venue, theme, category. Create the lookup values if they are not available.

Apply to the event page

  1. In Content Editor, set the datasource of the event page to be the event search form - only admin can do this
MVC.net use
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