A campaign or branded collection of content


The Microsite template allows creation of a small set of grouped content, with a standard navigation bar.

The template has space for a custom logo, custom footer and optional CSS for applying branding/theming.


The microsite template is currently used for:

Hillier's gardens > hilliergardens

Great Hall > greathall



WCMS use
  1. Insert the microsite template landing page to the position you want in the content tree
  2. Complete the details in the template:
    • Microsite custom CSS (eg. /assets/css/custom/get-it-on.css) - this is the path of the css stylesheet for the microsite, if required
      There are a number of logo options, you may find you only require the main microsite logo. If the ‘header logos’ field is used, this will override any information in the microsite logo left and right fields
      In the deprecated page specific scripts section you need to select via dropdown the url of the custom CSS and javascript, this identifies the microsite as requiring a specific stylesheet as you identified above

    Note - Only a content admin can upload the page specific scripts into the Media Library

  3. Add child pages to the microsite template landing page. Any page template can be inserted and once it is a child page of the microsite landing page this will form part of the microsite navigation bar

See creating microsite navigation bar and dropdown style guide pages

MVC.net use
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